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Whether a manometer (to measure the pressure) can be provided with Neckease?

Neckease has been designed for self treatment by the patient anywhere, anytime. This is the main advantage of the product In the course of treatment, the pressure differs on person to person. Thus by adding manometer, it proves no practical value and furthermore would make the product more cumbersome for use by the patient.

A comparative study / clinical trial done between Neckease and conventional method of traction.

Traction is a well accepted principle since years. While in the conventional method, the doctors use a hanging belt to lift and stretch the neck. The principle of NECKEASE is the same as in the case of manual traction, save and except that it has been dynamically shaped, and designed for use by the patient themselves without causing any harmful side effects. In fact it has many advantages over conventional traction.

Case study with Neckease and trial reports front eminent institutions.

Comments given by the doctors of CHINA MEDICAL UNIVERSITY ( The No. 1 Hospital in Orthopaedics) on NECKEASE is annexed.

In which direction is the pressure exerted while using the Neckease ?

The traction is along the vertical direction and effective. So the traction force is upward.

For treatment of cervical spondylopathy, whether the pressure is provided on Cl- C7 vertebrae by Neckease ?

Yes, the pressure is provided on Cl - C7 vertebrae
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