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Cervical spondylopathy is mainly caused by degeneration of cervical inter-vertebral disc, narrowing of septum, swelling of local tissue, stasis of blood and compression of vascularis leading to a series of symptoms.

Effective traction can get rid of nerve vas compression and thereby it will remiss the symptoms. Similarly, repeated traction helps to relax the neck muscles, local tissue swelling and stasis of blood disappears, as a result of which the symptoms of cervical spondylopathy reduces or disappear completely.

Introducing for the first time in India, world renowned, NECKEASE - A new type of cervical vertebral tractor ideal for self treatment of patients with cervical vertebral abnormalities anytime and any place.lt can be utilized in cervical vertebral disorders including neck pain, headache, dizziness, insomnia, finger numbness,, inability of four extremities, cervical stiffness, back pain and abnormal blood pressure.

Frequent use of this product aids the prevention and treatment of cervical spondylopathy, improve blood supply to the brain, and it is also effective for the disease of fracture, dislocation, protrusion of inter-vertebral disc and over-bending injuries in cervical vertebrae.

Made up of new type of materials (specially designed inner latex chamber with soft textile covering), NECKEASE gives a comfortable feeling on the user's skin. It is permeable and small in volume (palm-size and can be folded up). Although light in weight (just 250 g), NECKEASE is powerful enough to give traction upto 100 kg. It has wide traction range upto 20 cm. It has a special dynamic structure which can automatically protect the sensitive area in the neck when pumped into shape. Air chambers with high and low pressure respectively makes the patients feel comfortable in the course of traction and fixing adjustment..

NECKEASE is a composite product with traction, fix, massage and health care - an ideal companion for the patients with cervical vertebral diseases, especially good for the middle and old aged people.

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