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Clinical Information

Prof. Jin CnengBi,
Chief Doctor,
China Medical University
The No.l Hospital in Orthopaedics

Cervical Vertebral Disease is very common among middle-aged and aged people. And the rate of such disease is considerably increasing among young people. The Neural Root type and Vertebra Artery type are in the majority. For the cure of these two types of disease, the most effective way is cervical traction to release the pressure on Neural Root. The traditional way is to perform jaw stand - belt traction. This has brought a lot of inconvenience to patients, especially those who live in suburb. There is an exigent requirement by the orthopaedics doctor and patients for a portable traction tool.

Neckease is based on the transmogrification of Air Chamber after being inflated, then realize the function of Jaw-belt traction. The good point is that the inventor use the two independent structure to avoid too high pressure on patients neck, then solve the problem of vein circumfluence. It has distinguished character. This product bring convenience to the patients, and we believe it will bring huge economic and social benefits.

At present, the use of the product could be widened. Clinical vertebral injury can also be rehabilitated using this product.

From our experience, clinical use of this product will have good effect.

Professor. Jin ChengBi
Chief Doctor
China Medical University

Also Approved by :

Yao Wan Ren Vice Chief Doctor
Wu Zhaoxin Vice Chief Doctor
Zhang Zhao Guo Senior Engineer
Lu Aili Senior Engineer
Wang Kuilan Engineer
Han Yue Engineer

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