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How it Works
How to use
Put Neckease around neck, adjust the circle for different sizes and fix the nylon strap in the front.
Fasten the air-releasing screw before hand-pumping.

Adjust the clutching condition in the lower part of the circle and adjust the traction angle according to the feeling of patients or advice of doctor.

Pump with hand until it feels good and symptom remiss.
Fixing Control can be used for long time, 20-30 minutes for medium and low traction, 1-3 minutes for high traction.
Loosen the air-releasing screw after use, exhaust air slowly. 
Characteristics of use
Quick response : It proves effective within short period of time. 
Long efficiency : Symptom remiss or disappear after use for a few weeks.
Convenience : It is portable and adjustable of angulations and strength of traction
Safety : This product causes no pain or side-effects if used in accordance with the instruction given.
Characteristics of application

is best suited for traction treatment of two types of cervical spondylopathy:
For effective results, initially give a few minutes of medium traction, then relax, pump again to give a few minutes of medium traction. According to concrete situation, before finishing the treatment, pump again within the range of endure for enhance curative effects, do less than one minute of high pressure traction and adjustment of traction angulation.

Adjustment of traction angulation

Cervical Spondylopathy :
For Root type, when symptom of right side obvious, separate left bottom part, head turn to the left. Same as contrary for symptom of left side obvious.

For Vertebra artery type, it is difficult to explain how to adjust traction angulation. It is better to do by your own feeling or follow your doctors' advice.

Herniation of cervical disc :

Traction should be for a longer time and powerful as directed by the doctor. After reposition by NECKEASE, you have to fix for one month to avoid relapse again.

Spondvlolisthesis :

Medium traction - one hour for each time. Angulation of traction in median position. 

Fracture of cervical spine :

The Phenomenon of compression of spinal nerves shows that there is difficulty in movement of the four limbs. Furthermore the treatment is given by using a  high collar plastic, cranial bone traction fixed with occiput and jaw stand of plastic and steel. Instead, Neckease can replace these Cumbersome method completely and give traction without pain and any side-effects.

1. Relax yourself as much as possible during treatment.

While  taking the medium or high traction, you Should close the low-pressure air-chamber before pumping is finished so that the top air chamber remains soft and you feel comfortable during treatment.


When abnormal reaction occurs during the treatment exhaust the air slowly, adjust angulation and strength until abnormal reaction disappears and then try again.


High Pressure traction must be done after 30-60 minutes of low or medium traction. Reposition with traction must follow doctors' directions.


Avoid sharp and hard objects to touch traction during use. If there is any dirt on surface of NECKEASE, please clean by soft brush. Do not rub or wash.


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